Leigh Mill Fly Fishing Syndicate

Members only. No day tickets

Welcome to Surrey's most exclusive Fly Fishing location
(Note: this is a private fly fishing syndicate only open to members; you are welcome to join us via the contact page)

Situated in a pretty valley near Godstone in Surrey, Leigh Mill Fly Fishing Syndicate can easily be reached from neighbouring Kent and Sussex and from Greater London South too. The lake is lightly fished and tucked away on a well kept private estate where a high standard of conduct is expected from all.

Located just two miles from J6 on the M25 orbital near its interchange with the M23 and a short distance from where two "A" roads cross, getting to the waterside is easy. After a quick journey from home or workplace, Members approach by a private road to find a lovely setting, a place to relax, keep company with the wildlife and cast for trout.

The Syndicate has just 45 Members - few enough to visit as often as they like. They can stay all day from dawn until dusk. Mostly they'll have it all to themselves but can invite friends or family to share it now and then, just for the pleasure of it. If Leigh Mill with its superb facilities seems like the sort of trout fishery you'd want to belong to, please explore our other pages to discover more.

COVID19 Update - 1 March 2021 (Note that the following relates to fishing activities only)

We are still under the third national lockdown. Fishing is permitted under the exercise provisions, with the following restrictions:

  • You should not travel outside your local area,
  • You should minimize the time you spend outside your home
  • You should not bring more than 1 guest to fish with you (guest being outside your household).
  • Maintain 2 m distance with other anglers and their families/guests

Roadmap out of lockdown

From 8 March, restrictions start to lift and the government’s four-step roadmap offer a route back to a more normal life.

STEP 1 (8 March and 29 March)

  • 8 March

From the 8 March, no changes from the restrictions above will be made.

  • 29 March

Fishing will be permitted as an outside sport. The “Stay at Home” rule will be lifted.

The following will replace the existing restrictions:

  • You should minimise your travel
  • Rule of 6 applies: You will be able to meet outside in groups up to a maximum of 6 people or with one other household, though people from different households will still need to socially distance from each other.

STEP 2, No earlier that 12 April 2021

STEP 3, No earlier that 17 May 2021

STEP 4, No earlier than 21 June 2021

We will be providing an update at the end of March for Step 2 to 4 as the Government’s presently planned guidelines for these steps may change.

Should you have any queries related to the above guidelines, please contact our Secretary, Jean-Pierre Ruch on 07855 164369.

Further details can be obtained by consulting the Angling Trust and Government website.

Membership details and queries

Should you wish to find out about our membership in general or the types of membership on offer, cost and availability, few rules, etc… please refer to the “Membership” web page.