Leigh Mill Fly Fishing Syndicate

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Latest news (as of 15 September 2021)

The new 2021-2022 fishing season started on the 1 March 2021. 

During last year’s fishing and with the onslaught of this terrible virus that is Covid-19, we had to close the lake from the end of March to mid-May and introduce restrictions during the three lockdowns. Despite these traumatic and unprecedented events, the fishing has never been better. The lake was, and still is, in excellent conditions and a record number of visits to the lake was registered and the highest catch for the past 5 years or more has been recorded.

The new season expectations are high.

Membership of the Leigh Mill Fly Fishing Syndicate

Should you wish to find out about our membership in general or the types of membership on offer, cost and availability, few rules, etc… please refer to the “Membership” web page.

COVID19 Update – 15 Sept 2021 (Note that the following relates to fishing activities only)

The UK Government lifted most restrictions for England on 19th July 2021.

Below are the recommendations for our members and are only related to fishing activities:

Travelling to the lake.

You and your guest(s) should continue to plan ahead and travel safely.

Should you and/or your guest(s) have recently returned or arrived to/in England, you and/or your guest(s) should have checked the restrictions in place and followed these restrictions before coming to the lake.

Gathering at the lake.

Meeting indoor/outdoor:

There are no restrictions on how many people can meet outside or inside the Cottage and Minky.

However, it is recommended that you:

  1. Maintain 2m distance with other anglers and their families/guests
  2. Wear a mask while indoor

We will be providing an update of the above restrictions if and when required.

Should you have any queries related to the above guidelines, please contact our Secretary, Jean-Pierre Ruch on 07855 164369.

Further details can be obtained by consulting the Angling Trust and Government website.